7 Tips How to Identify Best Quality Lindsey Branching bubbles replica

Imagine you can buy the best Lindsey Branching bubbles replica from China at only USD 299-999, saving 90% compared with USD 20000 retail prices.

You can make extra money, meanwhile get more projects if you can get REALLY GOOD QUALITY.

While inferior quality will ruin the project, and cause you to lose thousands of dollars, neither your fame, your client.

Lucky for you, I am going to share 7 Tips to help you identify a really good quality replica, and avoid losing money.

Now let’s start!


  1. Types of Lindsey Branching Bubbles Replica

There are  2 Types Lindsey bubbles replica, A. Taobao Quality.  B. Best Quality

A. Taobao quality

It is mainly for middle-cheap market with low prices.

Cheap materials such as Aluminium, Steel, with bad craftsmanship to reduce production cost

B. Best quality

It is only for high-end customers such as designers, architects

Same Materials as original model, 100% Brass/Bonze, handwork processed by experienced craftsman.

2. Prices:

 A. Taobao Quality is quite cheap for domestic market. The prices could be from USD 39 up

B. Best Quality is much more expansive Than Taobao quality due to high cost, for example, 9 Globe USD 599/Pc, comparing Retail Price USD 31500 from  original models, it is still much cheaper.

3. Materials

The biggest difference between Best Quality & Taobao Quality is material. Best Quality use 100% Brass/ Bronze as original models,  Taobao use Steel & Aluminium to reduce the cost.

Bronze is 3 times more expansive than Aluminium & Steel,

Bronze replica is for high-end, need to custom made.  While Aluminium & Steel replica are full in the market, they are cheap and starndard products, anyone can get it easily.

4. Craftsmanship

Steel is  Powercoated, Aluminium is electroplated. the surface is rough, has no same feeling as original model

the processing for Bronze/Brass(Best Quality) is quite complicated–Polish+ Dye+ Oil Painting, a lot steps which cause higher production cost. So the smooth surfacce is same as orignal.

5. Sizes & Shape

Taobao quality replica is not 100% same as original, they are normally shorter & smaller due to cheap cost.

Best Quality Replica is based on 1:1 Drawing, we have mould  to make connection part, also poles in same size of original model.

6.Glass Globes

Taobao quality replica use smaller glass globes with Size: 130,150,180MM in  Random shape

Best Quality Replica use bigger glass globes in Size: 230MM.  Made by   1:1 mould according to original model.

7. Cord & Socket

Best quality replica use UL(USA) certified Cord & Socket, which is safe, and suitable for dimming.

While Taobao quality replica use cheap Cord & Socket without certification, so it is dangerous, and may cause flicking.

Meanwhile, we also  CE (EU), SAA ( Austalia) cerified Cord & Socket for Europe, Australian Market.

Now that you have all 7 tips to identify best Quality Lindsey Branching bubbles replica, Pls check carefully when you contact suppliers to avoid inferior quality. If you have any difficulty, pls feel Free to contact us.

We are offering best Quality 1:1 lindsey branching bubbles replica to 100+ designers & architects from US, UK, EU, Australia, helping them make more money & get more projects. Pls contact us for best lindsey replica !

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